Lulamoss - Five Years In

As I relaunch the Lulamoss website this week, I am reminded of the days of early mornings hitting the streets of NYC for my floral orders at the Chelsea Flower Market. I started Lulamoss as a means to support my self during grad school and pour my creativity into an outlet. It became more than just a way to support myself, it became a passion project.

A passion project as my friend Grace so eloquently labeled it with her video from back when Lulamoss was being managed out of my Brooklyn apartment. See the Process of Pollen short video here!

I have met some amazing collaborators and been able to travel to do what I love. In my meetings with them, they constantly ask, how did you get started, what made you want to be a florist? I really believe it stems from my childhood, and bringing beauty and joy to those around me has always been part of my life.

I was by no means a girly girl growing up, you usually could find me buried in the local creek finding treasures of moss and rocks. Which usually followed up by a good discipline moment from my mom when I returned in my clothes covered in mud. But I loved nature, I spent many days climbing into our front yard dogwood tree and watching the sunlight hit the perfect blooms. We did not have social media or endless computer games so days were spent outside until it was time for dinner. I am grateful for that cause it birthed in me a love for nature and showcasing what beauty lies in our everyday.

Lulamoss has changed over the years and has taken some breaks due to other work and life changes. So I am dusting off the vases, rolling up my sleeves and officially launching some new aspects of Lulamoss here in Nashville.