Dec. 26th - A Day to Reflect

December 26th is usually a day full of me spending time reflecting of the wins and losses of the year. I usually spend some time in deciding what I want my word to be for the focus for the coming year as well. Over the last few weeks with some disappointments I have realized that I am the one framing these losses. Who says a crazy workshop that the client loved and left you in tears due to personal life stuff is not a success. I am learning how to partner with people that value my time and effort, and to stop saying “yeah I need to look into that.” And doing it! I hope with the hustle of the holidays you get some time to sit and reflect and lean into what 2019 might have for you! I am super excited to dream some of the last few days of 2019 and work on some new avenues for Lulamoss in Nashville!

Brandy CernyComment