New Things...New City


As the New Year starts many of us are setting goals and resolutions. I personally set a goal in 2013 to find what made my heart happy, Lulamoss was born out of that. It was not easy being a graduate student living in NYC and trying to make a floral business take off. But I kept trying and met some incredible people along the way. Got to work on some awesome projects and will never forget getting a phone call from Vogue on April 1. Totally thought it was a April Fools prank from a friend.

Over the last two years, I moved from NYC and lived in the gorgeous gulf coast and had another full time job. It was an amazing experience to work with another small business and learn even more about management and business. I have treasured the time I have had living by the beach and my beach friends.

In the next week I am moving once again and going to one of my favorite places, that feels more like home each time I go. I will be working part time with a company in Nashville and launching Lulamoss in that area too. I am super excited and can wait to see all that 2017 will hold for us!