After years of doing floral arrangements and events, I decided to start a floral business in 2013 in New York City. When deciding to start a company I decided to name it after someone that played a significant role in my life though I never met her. Lula Moss-Smith was my great grandmother and her love for spreading beauty and joy to others through her warm personality and flowers was what Lula was known for. I remember my Mom telling me stories of going to her farm and spending days in the garden with Lula and how she always knew she was loved when she spent time with her. I know I have a bit of Lula’s spirit as I hope that whoever I interact with experiences love and hospitality.

I hope that Lulamoss can bring beauty and joy to your life, event, or special day by respecting our southern roots and our namesake. I am excited to bring Lulamoss to Nashville as I return home to the south.